Tuesday 14 February 2017

Shout Out Loud

It is just one of those things, perhaps age as well as inclination, that when a parade of luvvies and the rich and ripe of media and the arts etc. parade to heap scorn and hate on someone, one wonders if those at the receiving end are as bad as they are made out to be and indeed may deserve a smidgeon of sympathy.

So is Theresa May really a good egg and unlucky enough to be stuck with the job of sorting out the mess we have been left with? Is Donald Trump perhaps a scatty elderly gent who basically has all our interests at heart, but is not very good at dressing his ideas with the usual excuses?

Is it that these days in fact we have too much media and as a result an overload of excitable publicity seekers, who live or fail by their coverage and the viewers, link clickers and others they attract. The rule is the more extreme the railings and wailing the better they will do. And they have to do well or they are gone and forgotten in a week or two.

Just as many of the female participants in the media bun fights try to be the least dressed, those whose age or condition does not allow them to take part in this contest have to come up with something which will get the cameras, the reporters etc. interested. Given that almost if not all of them are on tax wheezes remember that at the end of the line, we the undeserving poor are paying for it.

In my working life I was someone who had to come up with the figures. This presented a dilemma. If the figures looked grim then it was likely I would carry the can on the shoot the messenger principle of governance. So should I make the figures look good and hope I would land another job soon enough to avoid the fall out that would inevitably follow?

Given that the job market was tight that left the option of fudge, bodge, hope that something would happen in time to get round it, or dress up the whole thing so that when it turned bad the blame could fairly and squarely be laid elsewhere and on someone else. Preferably, someone or some organisation up or over there somewhere, anywhere.

Which is the way that most of our government, and for that matter almost all governments seem to operate these days. The ordinary elector or taxpayer has this filtered down to him or her via the media that is around and in the digital world that media feeds on all the other media to be had. The result is confusion for all that worsens year by year.

So the noise increases and the ones who shout the loudest are the only ones we hear. 


  1. "In my working life I was someone who had to come up with the figures."

    So was I. Fortunately I was the only one who knew where they came from.

  2. Both Trump and May are beset by enemies - inside and outside. Tread carefully might be good advice.