Wednesday 8 February 2017

Clarifying The Mud

Let's get this straight. There is a housing crisis and every effort and a lot of government, that is taxpayers, money will be needed to deal with and soon because it is getting worse. Yes, there are a great many unoccupied properties and second homes. But not much can be done about those because of technical matters.

Homes are needed for our new citizens, who we want because we have a lot of older people who do not work and we either give them money or they have saved up some, that is in theory. The new will pay the taxes, that is if they pay any or much because of the technical nature of modern employment contracts, to support the old, or some of them.

In the last few years some of these older people have played the property market as well as having a lot of the unoccupied property. But another reason why we need these new citizens is because they have skills and work experience and will fill the jobs that are going begging at the moment. Whether the jobs will exist later as the jobs market changes rapidly is a question but that is another technical problem.

Young people are especially affected by the lack of housing and the cost of it. In recent decades we have demanded that they have a good education in order to get good jobs so they can for decent housing. That has meant for very many a university education that a lot of them have borrowed money from the government for.

As many cannot get high paid jobs for technical reasons, the loans last a long while. Also those that do and take on big mortgages have to delay repayment. The government now cannot wait and have sold off the theoretical assets to the money men. It is possible that somebody will be at the wrong end of this and it is unlikely to be the government or the money men.

It has been a good thing to keep our young people in education for so long because it certainly improves the unemployment figures by removing them from the job market. Also the creation of a large number of jobs in the university and college education industry, government supported, has created a voracious demand for more and more.

The removal of so many from the ordinary jobs market had done much to create the demand for new citizens to do the jobs that might otherwise not have been done, many in the property industry. Student housing and new citizen housing is largely in our urban areas where the major shortages are.

These are fueling the rising prices and costs that are needed to attract all that investment from our older people in property as they need the profits because they do not have long term pension security.

Unluckily, because of technical problems, the new housing cannot be built by serious reconstruction or building large blocks in the relevant urban areas. Much will have to be built on land in the countryside or where for some reasons patches can be had.

However, the rapid build of new property today creates new jobs not only in the immediate construction but evidently many more in the later repair and maintenance industry because of the low quality of the work and need to build fast.

This will mean further costs to add to the substantial ones, for energy supplies and infrastructure, but these are not included in the figures for technical reasons.

Also an obvious need is to decant all the older not working people from their under occupied properties in urban areas  to places where they will be out of sight and hopefully mind. But this too is beset by technical issues.

I hope I have made this clear.


  1. Yes. start from "Must make money for and from developers" and work backwards through non-sequiturs to the necessary but untrue axioms. Postmodern logic.

  2. "Whether the jobs will exist later as the jobs market changes rapidly is a question..."

    Some jobs may remain substantially the same. "Polish yer robot sir?"

  3. This is why citizens should have guns.
    So that when someone decides to 'decant them from their home' you can blow their head of and so move to care in a nice prison.

  4. you 'need new citizens' because the feminists abort so many of the possible home bred ones.

  5. When someone says 'technical issues / problems / reasons are the reason why some goal is not being achieved, there is a high probability they don't know what they're talking about. Technically speaking.