Friday 11 September 2015

To Take Pills First Find Them

David, Lord Owen, a Labour leader that never was after he went Social Democrat long ago, has issued a warning about the EU and the effects that TTIP and other policies may have on our National Health Service.  That is it will no longer be National, be concerned primarily with health or a "service" in the terms we understand it.

A full but readable article is here on the Open Democracy web site to see what he is saying.  It does not make for happy reading for all those of us with the aches and pains and other problems of age and infirmity.  It is bad enough at present.  Local hospitals are no longer local.  National has become international and bad luck the locals.

More to the point funding is no longer funding, it is churning the financial markets to secure returns on investment for corporations endowed with unhealthy titles as Private Equity, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trust Funds you cannot trust and the whole array of financial manipulation in a difficult to understand world.

This is going to become the rule if the EU has its way.  If you want to know how good or bad it gets just look at our rail services and try to find or buy the cheapest ticket.

If we are getting rough rides on the railways it could be a whole lot worse riding the hospital trolleys of the future.

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  1. If TTIP is going to transform the NHS ito something more like the French healthcare service you will be very grateful.