Friday 25 September 2015

It Was Green Squat And Noisy

The story of  the German VW motor firm and the emissions that never were according to their method of calculation had taken the headlines and allowed other nations to indulge in more than a little Schadenfreude.  Don't mention the War, cough cough.

Much has been made of VW 1930's NSDAP origins under the Fuhrer, whose name you know.  But there has been barely any mention of the man really responsible for VW as we know it today.  The Local Germany has rushed to tell us.

It was the fault of the British in the shape of Major Ivan Hirst of Oldham, Lancashire, who recreated a defunct VW company after 1945 in the cause of making cars and vehicles for the British Army which was short of them with a British motor industry working flat out on exports to pay for our food.

Perhaps it is David Cameron who should be apologising rather than Mother Superior Merkel.  After all, he is lot better at it than her, at least he has had much more experience in this field.

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