Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Future From The Past

The story about the discovery that human type remains from a deep cave in South Africa are said to be yet another group in our distant ancestry, Homo Naledi which is running parallel to that of what the Leadership and Shadow Cabinet of the Labour Party will be like is too tempting a chance to miss for comment.

Both have theorists commenting on their nature, ideas and beliefs and how much they contribute to our present peoples.  Both are groupings who internal linkages are yet a mystery and both may have aspects of their approach to others which cause discomfort.

Intensive paleoanthropology will give some answers but much will for dispute and debate about the reality of their lives and the inner meaning of all their activities.  There may well be a great deal we shall never know or understand.

One group may be closely knit and supportive and be aware of the critical needs for survival in an unwelcome area.  They will have learned key skills and will have a mutual understanding of that which is needed both on a day to day basis and for longer terms.  They will have a clear structure in their group and a set of beliefs to sustain them in the trials and tribulations of existence.

The other may be an aggressive, demanding, individualistic loose collection of beings who feud incessantly of who is superior or inferior, who has the rights to the best that can be got.  There will be internal hostility over beliefs and actions relating to them.  They will expect to have casualties and will often actively welcome them.  Typically there will be little thought given to the future even in the short term.

But which is which?

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  1. Surely the key question is - do they eat each other?