Friday 25 September 2015

Knock Knock Who's There?

We are told that there is a migrant crisis in Europe.  How did that happen?  Whose fault is it?  Why did nobody warn us?

This longish article  from Standpoint by Douglas Warner is easy to read and to understand.  It is not so easy to try to work out what happens next.

From what we know of human history people have been on the move for many and various reasons throughout time.  Some have been relatively peaceful but some have not.

As humanity extended its reach across the world and increased in number then the movement would be more extensive and in a global form more complex.

The increase in human population in the last century has been greater than in the past so any movement was going to have to go somewhere.

Why is it impossible for our governments to understand the basics and to work out the potential implications?

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  1. Who cares.
    Governments should protect their people. Not give away what is not theirs.