Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty

The Bank of England blog, I think relatively recent, has put up some intriguing and informative items in recent months.  Often, lateral thinking along with data and comment throw new light on many aspects of our economy and its function.

This one about debt and mortgages will be close to the interests and heart of very many people. Its conclusion that Britain currently is not a good place to be young and hopeful of gaining wealth and housing in the way of past generations.

It points to the fact that this has policy implications and I suspect many of them will be very uncomfortable for the kind of people that our governments have been throwing money at when buying votes.

If it is among the young that the support for Left Labour and the SNP is growing the issue is not going to go away.


  1. Round here many terraced houses suitable for first time buyers are being bought up by landlords.

  2. Same here. One renter has 600 properties preferred tenants from East Europe as more reliable and pay more.

  3. "in the way of past generations." - not in the fifties it wernt