Wednesday 9 September 2015

Only A Flea Bite

There is no shortage of theories, beliefs or opinions about how our world will end and mankind be doomed to oblivion.

We have a rich and varied choice and many supporters for each of them however unlikely.

This story in The Guardian I missed, but in Science Daily there is a video on the subject.  It is about squirrels, those busy likable little creatures scurrying about carrying the plague, at least in California, the home of so many theories of doom and destruction.

There have been a small number of cases where humans have been affected but the view at present is that these are rare events and not something to worry about.

But, I ask, what happens if there are genetic twitches either or both in squirrels and their fur friendly fleas?  We have had extensive plagues in the past, could it happen again?

In our present globalised inter connected world where millions travel each day a few fleas here and a few fleas there could be with us all.

Look at the picture above and be afraid.

Very afraid.

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