Thursday, 10 April 2014

Is Another Sub-Prime Surfacing?

While the media, government and the herd are fixated on a limited number of matters that grab the headlines, the world turns. 

The debate about the next "big one" centres at the moment on climate, for a few population and for a small minority geophysics.

If this one is right they could all be wrong.  Because the ground is already being prepared by our politicians for a bust they will not be simply financial it will arise from energy supplies.

If you thought the last one was complicated if such a collapse does happen it will be even more difficult to comprehend, deal with and to try to escape from.

If it occurs when we have not yet fully escaped from the recent difficulties then this will compound matters.  I hope he is wrong and very wrong.

But if the politicians of many places who are scuttling about at present and confusing every issue go on as they have been going on recently, they may prove him right.

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