Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bone Idle

We have this vision of our species being much the same as it has always been, give or take habits of personal hygiene, fashion and personal eccentricities, either single or mutual.

This is not the case it seems.  A longish item in Popular Archaeology tells us that what we were is not what we are.  It depends on what we do.  It related to the bones and they depend on the nature and demands of our activity as well as diet.

When we look at archive film of people of the past they do seem at times to be of a different breed from that which sways and stumbles round shopping malls.  But most people did other forms of work and life was much more physical for almost all people 

A key factor as Michael Pollan reminds us, is diet and not just the content but the cooking, see his RSA talk on Youtube, "How Cooking Can Change Your Life", which is sobering, in more than one way and will put you off Big Mac chips forever.

It is not the only correction to our ideas.  Science Daily tells us that Neanderthals, far from being the kind of parents who would have had Social Services hurrying to remove their children; they were models for that other more feckless breed who were new in the valley and ruining the habitat, to follow.

All this could take up time at the weekend.  Especially if after reading it your shopping and cooking habits have changed.

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