Saturday, 8 February 2014

What About Italy?

It is an old adage from some forms of study, aerial photography being one as well as some historical research.  "Look for what you cannot see". 

The media and news we see tell us some things, but it might be that we do not realise the other matters, which could become critical.

In Europe and with potential world impact there are the problems of Italy which have not gone away.  Last year there was some attention to the serious situation there and comment.  But we have not heard much lately.

Italy is a relatively new country, only around 150 years old since it was brought together by nationalist movements and the urge for an Italian identity.  It has had its troubles, largely arising from two world wars that it became involved in and which led it into the European Union and the Euro block.

The stresses are building up and as they do with a decline in nationalism and a reversion to local traditions, including different forms of corruption and fractured criminal engagement in politics, could Italy suddenly revert to separate entities?

Would the inheritors of Piedmont want the territories returned that were surrendered to France as the price of its support?

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  1. It's a problem with the mainstream media. They drop important issues as soon as the hand-wringing phase is over.