Thursday 20 February 2014

Slippery Dealing

It is apparent that things world wise are not going entirely well, but it might be worse, it seems for a billion years in the past it became difficult.  Essentially, the world was stuck in the slime and took a long time to get going after a hesitant start.

We could be heading in a direction when most of humanity is stuck with little to do other than complain or revolt.  If the latter happens then the chances are that it will all be worse.  At present the Ukraine is a possible example.

If reliable money and contracts are the oxygen of modern economies and we are close to losing them to live in a hit and miss collection of societies what exactly will happen and where is very uncertain.

At the moment there is no settled state and few predictions that are reliable.  Those researching the uttermost particles of matter are now split between those who want to go further in the name of science and those who cry halt on the grounds that the strangelets and mini black holes could shrink the Earth to a small ball of lifeless frozen matter

At least it would end the argument about whether the HS2 is desirable.  In fact it would end all the debates forever.  But if humanity does go on for any length of time we can expect bigger and nastier events as the stresses mount and our failings prevent us from sensible or effective relationships.

One failing we have at present is to consider how far our world is finite in terms of its resources and what we can demand of it.  With much of Somerset reduced to slime this may be just the start.

This is what you might call a "sticky" post.

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  1. "At least it would end the argument about whether the HS2 is desirable."

    Don't bank on it - they will argue that even slime needs its infrastructure projects.