Monday 10 February 2014

Playing A Blame Game

As the problems and risks mount over the flooding in England so does the blame game.   The media are giving us dire ire, anger, gratuitous insults, back stabbing and the full range of political evasions. 

There goes the old myth about we Brit's pulling together in adversity.  Some do and some don't and it is not too difficult to predict who will be what.

On the basis that there must be a scientific explanation other than the debate whether it is about climate cooling or warming or sheer cussedness there is this item from the cartoon web site xkcd for people who like their minds bent.

If England is floating out to sea then there is a serious worry about the direction.  One way is Europe another the Bermuda Triangle.  You can't win.

The ancient Romans may have had a way with dealing with all the pundits and politicians arguing.  Their environmental solution could have been to put them into an arena with a lot of hungry lions.

At least it would have been entertaining.


  1. I think the Environment Agency may cop for this one. Flood defence should have been separated from environmental protection years ago.

  2. I choose the Bermuda Triangle every time.