Friday 14 February 2014

Orations And Nations

Now that Mark Carney and George Osborne have reminded us of basic monetary realities regarding the currency, following the line of this blog, we revisit the tiresome politics. 

We are told that across Scotland the young males have fled weeping from their sushi bars, coffee shops and cocktail lounges to be comforted by their mammies, grannies and favourite aunts, or something like that.

Indeed in Edinburgh the lawyers are besieging the Human Rights agencies asking for protection for their sterling holdings in various off shore tax shelters.  The SNP claims that the Osborne, the bully boy Irish paperhanger, has kicked them where it hurts, in their marginal rates of interest.

There could be worse to come.  At 5.15 this evening, Friday, in a live web video event from the London School of Economics Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission is to give voice.  What it will be about is not known.  It could well be about the whole relationship of the UK to the EU.

If he does not say anything directly on the Scottish Question it would be as well to deconstruct the text and see what is not being said to see if there is something hidden there in the densest verbiage.

In a couple of days time, the speech will be posted on Youtube for all to see and debate.  How it will be listed is not known.  Perhaps somewhere between Count Duckula and Brigadoon.

More interesting is that Big Osbo published the Treasury document, signed by no less than the Permanent Secretary, an elite Westminster gent' called Sir Nicholas Macpherson, see Wikipedia, late of Eton, Balliol, and best of all University College, London, home to the remains of Jeremy Bentham, the Utilitarian, an expert on happiness.

The name gave the DNA a twitch.  Up in Greenock on the Clyde there is the grave of Highland Mary of Robert Burns fame, see Wikipedia, known as Mary, but said to be baptised as Margaret Campbell from Dunoon.

There is a large statue to her memory there by the harbour, picture above.  The grave belonged to a Dunoon and Greenock Macpherson family, then a Peter, who were her relations. 

Could Peter be of the same family as Nicholas?

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