Friday, 24 May 2013

The Times They Are A Changing

It is the late May Bank Holiday and the heaters have had to go back on.  Ne’er cast a clout ‘till May is out and the rain it raineth.  At present the time is taken by the last frantic efforts to sort out the documents on the old machine before the new system is installed.

In a way the distraction and time lost is an advantage.  There is so much at present to comment on or to keep up with.  But following John Redwood, the tragedy of the soldier in Woolwich will be left to the many others.

Also, the last couple of posts on Rowans Blog, although long, have said a great deal on the matter of the banks and bankers and where we are now.  It is not where any sensible working democracy would want to be.

Additionally, trying to make sense of the current economic data is increasingly difficult, indicated by the sprawl of comment and strongly differing opinions around a large number of expert web sites.  It is much easier to watch the astronomy documentaries and work out what the universe is about and up to.

One thing is that it is still throwing large asteroids, solar flares, neutrons, blasts of radio waves and all sorts of other things.  Perhaps just when the economy settles will be the time for the world to flip its magnetic field or the tectonic plates decide to get a move on.

So the work to be done will limit comment for a few days.  The change will happen soon and there will be the tribulations of finding what is what.  One immediate difficulty is that it is going to be a whole lot faster and more sensitive that this one. 

It is astonishing what the power and reach of a modern computer is and what can be done.  It is beyond the wildest imagining of even a couple of decades ago.  The trouble is learning how to do it and keeping on top of what you hope and think is going on.

There is a proverb about old dogs and new tricks.  But I can’t find a web site for it.

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