Thursday 16 May 2013

Pick A Pocket Or Two

As the Euro scuffles among the Conservatives continue some are calling it a Civil War.  Perhaps, but hardly Cavaliers and Roundheads, if Peter Oborne in The Telegraph today is right in his leader comment that those in Parliament now seem to have forgotten the lessons of their debacle on the scandal of expenses and other wheezes to feather their nests, then it is more like Cops and Robbers.

The trouble is that the Palace of Parliament it is evident that the robbers far outnumber to cops.  What is more some of them are behaving more like the Kray’s and Richardson’s of the past London gang land, or Capone and Lansky for those in the USA

The tales of bullying and harassment against the poor devils who have to sort out and agree their expenses and other claims is unsavoury at least and disgusting to any normal rational person.  But our Parliamentarians too often are neither.

Given that the EU as presently run and organised is one big, big honey pot for every shyster, fiddler, greedy gob and conman who can walk talk and open a network of bank accounts in convenient places then there is great scope for reform.

Even were we to stay into some kind of agreed customs and economic network the present Brussels system and the rest, notably the Euro currency will have to go and a quite radical reformation take place.

Those of us who do not quite recall the last Reformation will be aware that what provoked it was the determined centralism, predatory financing, out of control spending, secrecy and dogmatic ideology fastened on the peoples of Europe.

The latest “Private Eye” this week, No. 1340 has a six page section headed “Where There’s Muck There’s Brass Plates” subtitled “How UK Ghost Companies Made Britain The Capital Of Global Corporate Crime” starring Vince Cable, a sort of St. Ignatius Loyola of The Coalition.

In the meantime President Obama, firm in his belief that The British Empire is and always has been the chief enemy of the USA is now instructing Dave The Bagman, The Cameron who is not coming and has failed to arrive, that he must both believe in, submit and conform to Europe.

The President is a great fan of the former President FD Roosevelt and his ideas.  But The Mises Institute today features an article by David A. Stockman which is an excerpt from his book “The Great Deformation – The Corruption Of Capitalism In The USA” in which the words “intemperate, incoherent and bombastic” are the more complimentary comments.

He suggest that FDR and his later fan Tricky Dicky Nixon were peas from the same statist pod and between them made economic decisions on the hoof that helped enable some of the pre-conditions for our existing miseries.

This post may seem a tad bad tempered but a change of computer is impending.  Going through the pile of past things I came across something from a while back called “Windows 98”.  Could I use it for an update I wonder?

Which makes more sense that our management of the economy at present.

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