Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hitting The Decelerator

A short post today, but with a link that is not too long.

The good news for some is that the world is not running out of oil quite yet.  There is enough of the stuff around to keep many of us chugging along for another century or so. 

Whether this is good for the environment, climate/weather or a fairer distribution of wealth and economic growth is another matter.

The bad news is that as well as a number of winners there will be a good many losers. 

One chunk of the world which at present rates as doomed to be a loser is Europe, mostly for its hapless and hopeless policies.

Quite where the Atlantic Isles will be in all this is not known and becoming ever more difficult to predict, although there are some possibilities.

If the sea levels go continue rising the chances of central London flooding are becoming better and better (or should that be worse and worse?).

Perhaps if Westminster were to be cut off from civilization even more than it is at present this could be good news for most of the rest of us.

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