Sunday 19 May 2013

Is Bob Crowe Raven Or Right?

Part of my idea set is that as we move on into the 21st Century our beliefs on what is economics, politics and other things need radical reordering.

Notably, one area is the Left v Right business.  If you look hard at who is supposed to be one or the other, it seems that it is not easy to apply that to the way things are and how they are becoming.

Below is a link to an interesting example from Bob Crowe of the rail workers union, who is not entirely popular amongst the commuters of the south east.  He is generally regarded as an ultimate Leftie. 

But if you look at his comments on Europe you wonder how far away from UKIP and Nigel Farage, their leader, he might be.

Perhaps they might have a pint or two together in “The Coal Hole” on The Strand.  If so I would be pleased to join them, if only to act as referee and as a one time member of the rail workers union over half a century ago. 

Adjacent to The Savoy Hotel, it is about as elitist as you get.  Also, it is but a few yards from Covent Garden, which when a fruit, vegetable and flower market was as plebeian as possible.

It is where the people who broke the police lines to trigger the Suez Riots in 1956 made sure they were properly hydrated beforehand. 

Arguable, but it is possible to trace the line from the 1956 Suez debacle to our first hand wringing attempts to join Europe.


The computer change is impending so blogging will be light.

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