Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Money Matters Find The Bawbee

A very brief item today because things are looking busy.

The link below is a discussion about the issue of the currency should Scotland become independent.  The author is a Scot and someone engaged in relevant economic research in the UK.

The item from the LSE web site is a longish abridgement of a fuller item.  But it attempts to deal with the complications and implications.

The lesson is that the sweeping simplistic statements made by politicians and spinners, never mind the polemics of the media, are misleading and fail to tell the electorates that is it far from an easy business.

More worrying is that some of the loudest voices either do not know what they are talking about, which is all too possible, or are evading the truth.

Wikipedia has an article on the Bawbee.

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