Saturday 25 May 2013

Blow The Wind Southerly

According to the US National Weather Service National Hurricane Centre, the 2013 Season in the Atlantic is due to start next Saturday.  The Eastern Pacific one began on 15th May.  At the moment on the Eastern side are three low pressure systems reckoned at low risk.

The one thing it is possible to be absolutely certain about is that it impossible to predict the likely course and impact of any of those that will form.  Equally the simple answer is that each will be highly complex with differing characters.

When she arrives Andrea will be the first to turn up, although just when and where we will have to see.  As to which might cause the most trouble it could be any one of them.

With none of my personal family names in the frame this year there can be no telling which will be the worst and most damaging.  In the past for some reason known only to Poseidon or maybe Zeus one of them was almost a certainty.

The lists of names are here, make your own wild or informed guess:

The big question is will Wendy arrive at all?  If not, then which of the others will fail to turn up or just drizzle away in mid Atlantic?  If Wendy does arrive earlier than expected then whose names are in the frame to follow?

And which major community on the US eastern seaboard will get the big hit this year, if any?

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