Tuesday 22 May 2012

Telling Fortunes

Thin posts this week, up to a point; but for today if others are saying a lot it is worth pointing to them.

The first item is a site that normally wants to see the markets doing well and things on the up.  So they tend to be optimistic about finding some good news somewhere to encourage investments. 

The item is a longish one, but does say a lot from an American standpoint.  It means that what some of us thought possible, that the 2007-2008 Crash was just the beginning may well turn out to be the case.

The second is about the Clinton’s and power, or rather not being in power and the profits to be had from it.  Tellingly, the last Act of Bill Clinton’s Presidency was to sign off a bill deregulating derivative trading.

Whatever has happened to other people it seems that he has made a good living since.  You may make your own list of UK politicians who have been doing very well since they left office.

If there is to be another period when the world economy wicket gets sticky and we return to the breathless hush in the close with last man in the two obvious periods in the immediate future seem to be early June or then late July into August.

In the meantime the North Anatolian Fault has been “bracketed” both to the East and to the West by earthquakes on either side of the suggested site of the long predicted next big one.

And the hurricane season seems to be starting early.

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  1. Very interesting and worrying. I took particular note of this from your second link:

    "The dirty secret of American politics is that, for most politicians, getting elected is just not that important. What matters is post-election employment. It’s all about staying in the elite political class, which means being respected in a dense network of corporate-funded think tanks, high-powered law firms, banks, defense contractors, prestigious universities, and corporations."