Friday 18 May 2012

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Given the course of events, it is clear that what is happening in the Eurozone and other parts connected or adjacent to it is very like when my home computer begins glitching and twitching.

Whilst it might need a new operating system, world government or anarchy or tribal reversion or back to hunter gatherings perhaps we should see if the problems arise from any current programme in use.

We could try re-installing the Europe programme to begin again as above but the next time round do a better job on the settings and temporary governing files.

We may finish up with something like this in any case.  Looking at the most western areas if the current occupants of Ireland do all emigrate then the Scoti could return there allowing a welcome return of the Picts.

If we get automatic shut down when it does reboot then it might be similar, who knows?

The way things are going anything might be worth trying.

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