Thursday 31 May 2012

How To Lose Power

As well as all the trouble about money, breakdowns in the economy and the exercise of power there is another nasty problem beyond the Euro.

It seems that the Germans are facing serious problems with their supply of electricity.  The risks of major outages causing extensive disruption are becoming high and it is not just Germany that is involved.

An article in the Oil Drum site, “German Power Grids Becoming Increasingly Strained” discusses the issue in around 3000 words.  It is worth checking out if only as a fast read.


On 4 November 2006 a German 380 kV line had to be temporarily disconnected. Due to insufficient coordination of protection systems a circuit tripped and started cascading outages.

The result was that the continental grid in Europe was divided into three islands and about 17 GW load was shed. The case demonstrates how a local event in Germany can turn into a widespread European disturbance.


The link is:

There have been suggestions that in parts of the USA the grids are becoming out dated and need substantial renewal.  Also, it is possible that the new locations from which the power or its source originates would require major upgrades to the grid connections.

With major outages in the UK also being forecast, what would a series of events like this occurring in both Britain and Germany at the same time do?

We could all learn to use much less.

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  1. And the clowns seem to think we can all power our electric cars off the grid without causing even more problems.

    Presumably they don't really expect us to buy the things in significant numbers anyway.