Friday, 19 September 2014

We Are All the Losers

And now it all begins.  Dave Dimwit and Nick Nitwit having botched every major area of policy they have touched got away with it, but only just.  Had the SNP been more measured and displayed old Scots common sense and morality instead of taking their cue from the aggressive drunks and beggars all too often seen in London they could have won it.

Democracy it wasn't according to Richard North's look at the figures in his EU Referendum blog.  He, with others, have moved on to other ideas about what we have and that which we should have.  Essentially, it is a bad situation, worsening by the year and we are headed for real trouble come what may.

The UK is not independent and neither is it a major force in world affairs.  The economy is more and more dependent on highly volatile sectors of activity.   The major elements in its government and management do not fit the future and do not have much idea of what the future might entail.

The constitution, once a serviceable and flexible set of rules and arrangements has become an incoherent mess where our laws are increasingly set by individuals and bodies who are answerable to nobody and whose agendas oppose most of our real needs.

We have a House of Lords, not elected, that is on course to be twice the size of the elected Commons and no idea of what a second chamber is for.  We have a Commons where the Liberal Democrats (democrats?) blocked routine changes to equalise representation and keep grossly unequal electorates.

We have a government machinery that takes little notice of the Commons or other representative bodies and is in the hands of lobbyists, cronies, oligarchs and media bosses.  It spews out more regulations and laws each year than did the Roman Empire in centuries.

We are weeks away from a General Election that bids to elect another minority government with a confused platform and consisting largely of old style pork barrel politicians.  In the meantime our hapless pair remain in charge to make promises to win re-election that they can never fulfil.

We are not going to be able to carry on as before because the world is changing fast and key areas which we need to control are not being controlled nor will be in the present system.

Worse, the recent debate has given respectability to the extremist and least democratic elements.

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