Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Referendum Money Matters

Later today Cameron will reveal his grand plan for a new HST line to be built from Stranraer to Stornoway, with extensions to Skibbereen, Mount Snowdon and as an afterthought, Spennymoor.  The SNP will counter with a proposal to extend the Edinburgh tramline to Tobermory.

The SNP will cap this with a demand that all algorithm driven high frequency trading in Scottish funds will only allow gains for Scotland.  All losses will be borne by England.  After five minutes with his media adviser Cameron will agree.

Clegg will beat this with a promise that no Scot will suffer any losses from dealing in stocks or shares, property deals or related financial affairs and payday loans.  These will be borne by England.  The SNP will counter this by demanding that no Scot should suffer losses in gambling with English betting firms.

Cameron will spend another five minutes considering the media impact and will then agree. Miliband will promise that a Labour government will extend this to Scottish firms, internet and others and no Scot will suffer any losses at all for any reason.

The SNP will claim that this is bullying the financial services sector in Scotland to accept English domination and control.  The answer will be total nationalisation of the financial sector with the Bank of England, founded by a Scot, accepting responsibility for any and all deficits.

Perhaps not, but it makes more sense than what has been going on.

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