Sunday, 28 September 2014

Singing For More Than Supper

One of the repeats on this page is the claim about how much has changed in the last decade or so and how much more is possible.  These bear on selling, buying, creating and a whole raft of activity.  All affect jobs, companies, economic structures and a great deal else.

Here is a choice example in Quartz dot com from the world of popular music.  This has been part of all our lives whether we like it or not.  For the very many who do it is about choice.  For the many who did not because of all the knock on and media effects it will still have an impact on what it out there.

The story has made some of the main media, but only on the basis of interest in the performer aspect and how they link to their fans and the wider public.  But not long ago in our town centre there were many music shops, now all gone.

With them has gone the best part of a major retailing and production sector that once offered jobs at all levels and was among the leading choices for school and college leavers.  In the few visits to the town centre the decline in other things is all too apparent.

In the remaining shop for TV and audio equipment I spent a little time looking at the latest products on offer.  They were a world away from the recent past.  The big question it raised for me was why bother any longer to attend live performances costing all that time and money to do so?

We are told there is a squeeze on middle incomes and that the future for many of the young is grim.  When will the full effect of change impact not just on recorded performance, but most of the live ones as well?

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