Monday, 15 September 2014

Black Swans For Sale

Recently there has been a lot of hopping about from one leg to the other among the financial and economic parts of the net.  Many are worried, but the ways things are there are always worries.

There is talk of Black Swans and systemic shocks and areas of unpredictability that could deliver downturns, major upturns in interest rates, liquidity going haywire and out of control and other creatures from the deep.

A typical piece on the lines of "it's me nerves, doc" is from Zero Hedge which has some interesting takes on pessimism and lack of trust in governments and central banks.   Anything could happen anywhere.

With the awareness in recent years of just how complex and intricate all the parts are in the global trading and money systems there has been a relentless search for potential trigger events.

The result has been a long list any of which can pop at any time and as most, if not all, are linked quite how the mechanics of will go becomes less possible to estimate as the crisis ripples out and affects more and more.

The great thing for those of us who rejoice in financial crashes because it makes life more interesting is that you do not know that a Black Swan event has occurred until it is too late.

And the markets have gone into a flap.

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