Sunday, 20 January 2013

Something To Do While It Snows

For those condemned to stay indoors gloomily looking at the weather and watching the week’s diary descend into chaos you might need cheering up.

Alas, this is the wrong place to do so today.  Here are four items designed to do exactly the opposite. 

The only good thing is that they are all long and will fill up the time instead of doing those household jobs you are supposed to be doing.

We are being told that we must rebuild, or renew or something like that the economies we have had to maintain or increase prosperity.  In the 1970’s there was much the same attitude. 

But this was impossible then to return to the previous economies, the issue was how to deal with the new ones.  Having made too many mistakes and blunders in this we are now in a crisis.

So in the second decade of the 21st Century we are going into a different world which has economies quite different in structure and function.  We cannot admit this and continue to blunder on regardless.

This explains the critical nature of the following items.

Rowan does not like Barclays Bank and in an earlier century would have been demanding its executives finish their days at Execution Dock.

Naked Capitalism does not like HBOS much either and says why.

In the USA a major web site has decided to go long on pessimism about the bond markets.  This means rates of interest as well. 

Closer to home The Slog in his usual robust style says we are all doomed, at least in terms of our personal finances.

So back to the Disused Railway Stations web site to remind me that things can change.

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