Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Off Shore On Shore

In Colchester today, home to the military prison that so many of my comrades attended for their intensive group therapy sessions, the Tax Justice Network members are conferring on how nations can retain their taxable incomes in the face of the flight of the rich and the corporations to tax havens.

In the meantime the Cobden Centre, link below, has an article taking the view that as Greece, Ireland and Portugal are facing such hopeless situations the only real answer is to default and start all over again.

Amongst the other candidates for defaults of one kind or another are the USA and the UK. In the USA we had the interesting sight of an international football match where the home side at Los Angeles were roundly booed and jeered by the great majority of the crowd who supported the visiting team.

They were Mexico who had very large numbers of Mexican migrants at the game because the population of California is increasingly Latin or Hispanic. Given the problems of California how long might it be that those of Latin origin take the view that the current financial problems had little to do with them and they decide to secede from the Union?

Would they join with Mexico, with all its issues? Perhaps it is time for a revival of a Monarchist party in Spain who want out of the Euro and Europe, to reorder their national finances and to embrace in a world union with those of their former colonies who are also troubled financially.

In the UK it is difficult to know what is really going on. Could those meeting in Colchester perhaps rouse the descendants of the ancient Iceni to rebel as their ancestors did against the might of Rome and march on London? Or form an Eastern Association on Cromwell’s lines to deal with a corrupt elite?

Many of those in Colchester Military Prison years ago were from Quartermaster’s stores, indeed a surprising proportion.

They knew a lot about off shoring in their time.

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