Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Black Hole Is Your Event Horizon

One of the most overworked phrases used to describe disastrous situations and how they occur is “Black Hole”. It has certainly been used a great deal in relation to recent economic and financial affairs and how they have unwound.

The term originated in Astronomy and Astrophysics to describe how massive galaxies and star systems could be made to disappear from the Universe and reduced to a singularity that is invisible and with an incredible mass compressed into a small space.

The Automatic Earth web site has applied the concept in the form of the nature of the astrophysical events to describe what is happening to global capitalism. Their article is intended to explain some of the puzzling aspects of the way things are in the world at present. It is a middling length but more demanding item.

I would not call it easy reading but then trying to understand what is going on out there is not easy as well. Fans of Chaos Theory, Collapse Dynamics, Black Swan events and our own humble Earth geophysics will see that the business of uncertainty and complexity is part of the whole.

Those who know the Corryveckran Whirlpool should have little difficulty. For a more direct observation I can quote only a Grand Uncle who had railway shares in the early 1930’s and was bitter about them going down the plughole.

Meanwhile, I hear the stirring of tea leaves in the pot…………..

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