Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Lesson From History

Sometimes the coincidences of History and events are very strange. According to reports in the press during the weekend of 2/3 July 2011 before Thor went to work on News International there was an event in Burford.

This was at the Old Priory where Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud hosted a huge party for their friends, family and key contacts. It is said to have been a spectacular event at which little expense and opulence was spared and wealth and power ruled OK.

Meanwhile at the Parish Church along the road antiquarians might study the small memorial to the three Levellers in the picture above who were shot by Cromwell’s dragoons for political dissent in 1649 having been held in the church with over 300 of their followers.

The story can be found in the link below:

The history of the Levellers is a complicated one; a summary that is not definitive is given below:

As the first link suggests there are still many who believe in the Leveller’s principles out there and who paraded recently through Burford. They have received scant attention in coverage in the media.

Who would you chose to believe?

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