Thursday 30 November 2017

Ring Out The Bells

The nuptials to be for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are giving plenty of scope for coverage. The lady's ancestry has attracted comment with some parts having more attention than others for example, The Daily Mail. The one that caught my eye on the father's side was the name Sykes, in particular the Thomas Sykes born around 1835, which went no further.

Possibly, this may have been because the Sykes/Sikes surname is one of the no go areas for many. Charles Dickens, contemporary with Thomas, in his book "Oliver Twist" has a Bill Sikes, who is not nice at all. Worse however, the surname is one of those local ones that many do not want to see. Yes, it is Yorkshire and could be Barnsley.

On a basic search, the one I picked out as a lead was a Thomas Sykes whose family had braved the metaphorical barbed wire fencing, trenches and armed guards to slip into Lancashire to find work a couple of hundred or more years ago. He had married an Irish girl, as one did in that county. If her birthplace might be found it could be very interesting.

There is a Sikes Sykes Family Association web site that has a great deal of information. Also, some years back there was DNA testing being done on a select number of family names to see if there could be a single ancestor. Sykes was one of the names and possibly originated with a lay monk in the early middle ages.

But all those Sykes and Sikes have intermarried with other Yorkshire families. The names that come to mind are Michael Parkinson, Geoffrey Boycott and Arthur Scargill, all from Sykes/Sikes vicinities. Will they be invited? Instead of Westminster or Windsor why not one of the fine churches up on the Pennines?

Then over to Germany, again family ancestral parts. I would suggest Hannover as a good option for a quiet time. Our monarchs were once the Electors of Hannover, and Prince Harry is a near cousin. In May they could have a night at the Opera, they are doing one by Smetana, "Die Verkaufte Braut" which is a fine comedy with some great tunes.

We call it "The Bartered Bride".


  1. Perhaps she is related to Eric Sykes so maybe we can expect some light comedy.

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