Tuesday 31 January 2017

Have You Come Far?

Let me see. This man who father was German and mother Scottish is invited to visit a lady whose mother was Scottish and whose father had a good many Germanic origins. He is married to a lady whose family is from somewhere else. The lady is married to a man whose family is Greek, Germanic and Balkan.

As it happens they are both now Heads of their respective states, so their families done good as we Ancient Brit's might say. But there is a fuss. He has said and done things that many disagree with as Head of his State. The lady is very canny and does not say much but does what she has to do, albeit being Head of State this often involves the trappings of ceremony.

She would prefer to be riding a horse around the countryside. At one time this could involve hunting foxes but wary of the popular urban love for these rather nasty predators has given it up. He has had interests in the past of chasing  which time also means he has had to give it up.

Personally, I do not think that I would get on very well with either of them. My talents for skiving, insubordination and evasiveness when asked where things are and why this or that has not been done would lead to a coolness in relations.

She has had to let the politicians get away with far too much for our good. On the whole they have lied to her even more than they have lied to us. He is a hard driving boss from the world of business who runs the figures and acts if he does not like the look of them.

This is a bad fit in political structures which would rather avoid making real decisions, kick the cans down the road, screw the taxpayers, borrow the money and has politicians who grab what they can and run leaving the problems for the future.

In terms of the Heads of State around the world, the lady is very different from almost all of them. Similarly with the man, if you look at the backgrounds of Heads of State in past history you have very few of them who were active business men. In the UK we once had as Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, but historians have been unkind to him.

Certainly, many Heads of State etc. have dabbled or interfered in business but as things have turned out have learned the wrong lessons, usually at the expense of their country. Last but not least we are in the 21st Century and the past is not much of a guide to the present and none at all to the future.

The present row is over migration and in the era of fake news etc. many of the protesters have not looked at the detail, or the implications or run the figures.

So they want to stop one migrant family man going back to one of the ancestral homes and paying a visit to a lady who has a distinctive  migrant background.

I suspect the two of them might agree that the Euro is bust and the world is about to turn again.


  1. "My talents for skiving, insubordination and evasiveness..."

    Otherwise known as survival.