Wednesday 3 August 2016

Is Donald Trump A Marxist?

One of the puzzles of humanity is what lurks in the inner bits of the brain from the past or what or how is handed down the generations.  Is it all simply from our own past and experience or can there be traces there that came with the blood group and the DNA?

This article in a literary web site by Catherine Curzon deals with tales of myth and legend in Clydesdale, Scotland, the general area of the River Clyde rather than the old Barony near Motherwell.  It follows an earlier one on Thursday, 21 July.  They are both longish and not easy reading because it is a dialect from 18th Century Scotland.

A common feature of the various population groups down the ages is to have mysteries and legends about The Other World, or the deep past or foundation myths etc.  In recent times they have not gone away, for most people they have simply been replaced by modern media created ones for worse rather than better.

Trump's mother was a MacLeod of the Isles of Scotland, so how far this was part of his or his immediate families mind world is hard to say, probably limited then but certainly there before.  However, the essential structure of myth creation and the basic forms they took are likely to have survived into what passes for recent political philosophy and ideologies.

This blog has already pointed to the major historian and philosopher of myth legend etc. of The Atlantic Isles and Europe in the 19th Century, Morgan Kavanagh of County Carlow, and the fact he was house mate to Karl Marx.  While we can identify Marx with some contemporary etc. thinkers it is possible that the intellectual structures etc. were those of the past as recorded by Kavanagh.

Quite simply, his view of Capitalism And All That was what he saw of his present being forced into the corsets of past ideas including myth and legend.  What was actually going on in industry, commerce, business, government at the time does not fit with Marx's crude explanations.

Marx was as much myth as social analysis.  If one looks around at political groups and governments which are Marxist and the way they seem to work they often seem to be a form of Other World where their basic beliefs are removed from either reality or logic.  This is notable in Scotland which enjoys a choice of Marxists and where so many have been away with faeries in recent times.

So if in a different age and world Donald Trump looks around him and sees the impressions they make in terms of the structures and nature of a world of myth and legend, is it essentially the same one that Marx saw, who came to other conclusions?

The real world is here and it is having a bumpy ride, what will happen next is anybody's guess.  This is a world without myth and legend, it is just about pumping the oil and the price it will get.  Also see the euanmearns dot com blog which is where the report may have come from.  And the world that was predicted a few years back is not the one we are going into.

Explain and discuss.

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  1. I agree, myth is easy to mould into current situations and doesn't need to predict the future. When the future arrives, the same myths are injected into new moulds and continuity is preserved.

    I'm sure fear lies at the bottom of it all, an instinct too basic and too powerful for us to control or analyse properly.