Sunday 14 August 2016

Delivering Policy

Time is short, but if you do have it to spare Automatic Earth today,
Sunday 14th, here for the full list  has a choice selection on offer to cure you of optimism.

This is short and to the point explaining one way how it could all get a lot worse.  But the picture was interesting, how goat teams were used for deliveries in Washington DC in 1917.

Things have become less efficient since then.

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  1. Accounting and maths for dummies is safe reading as there is little in them that can be challenged. However economics for dummies is a different kettle of fish as it depends on the author(s) they to could be dummies as every theory can be challenged. For me if written by those who follow the Austrian school of economic thought then yes worth a read but the more left wing economists Keynes, Picketty, Krugman and the like give it a miss.