Tuesday 23 August 2016

A Forgotten Past

One of the features of The Arts is anniversaries of those of the past and long past who have left us their legacies in a form that can inspire and enjoy however long since their lifetimes.

The BBC does a good deal of this, but it can be choosy and it is a puzzle why with some they can go to extremes but others ignored.  One such is Thomas Linley the Younger, 1776-1758 a composer and musician of extraordinary talent recognised by his peers and especially by Mozart.

Born in the same year as Mozart during 2006, 250 years on since his birth, in a flurry of activity we had extensive coverage of Mozart and others but not a hint or mention of Linley.  There is a Wikipedia page and other information dotted about, a couple of things on Youtube, but he is lost to us.

So ten years on I will repeat below an item written then.

1756 - 1778

In Grimsthorpe Lake poor Linley died,
Carried to another Bourne,
His life given to those who knew him,
Together with a wilful posterity.

The generations more,
Two centuries and half beyond,
Only of works, family, name,
And who were touched remembered.

Sheridan, wit, poet, playmaker, politician,
Few of those remain.
Goldsmith, Johnson, Thrale,
The whirling names of London and of Bath.

Boyce and Nardini his tutor mentors,
Nesbitt to mind the money,
Sneyd to smooth the way,
All long lodged in written memory.

There was another, an Austrian of wit,
Few of those remain.
Who shared the music,
The dance, delight, and genius.

Mozart had few years in life,
Enough to create another world,
Rightly honoured, cherished,
As a wonder of the age.

He mourned Thomas Linley,
A fast friend, one of his own,
Allowed him to be master,
The finest memorial.

Who cares now in England?
Only passing ones of blood,
For the rest, it matters not,
The BBC utterly forgot.

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