Monday 15 August 2016

Singing For Their Supper

Among the many and various people doing blogs about their working lives is Jessica Duchen, a lovely lady, and indeed a widely admired music and arts critic.

But there are times when she causes eyebrows to be raised.  Recently, she has been doing heavy duty operas at Munich and in Switzerland, Wagner at his most noisy and the directors of new productions at their most imaginative, or deranged according to opinion.

This I quote from her blog of today:

Parsifal at Bayreuth, the new and fervently anti-religion production by Uwe Eric Laufenberg, with Klaus Florian Vogt in the title role. The editors have entitled this one, with perspicacity, 'Twilight of the gods'.

Weirdest moment' goes to the latter evening.

Eating out with friends afterwards, we found ourselves in the same restaurant as Angela Merkel, who had been at the opera too, and she was perfectly friendly when some members of our group bounced up to her to explain how desperately sorry and embarrassed we are about Brexit.


If Angela is such a keen Wagner fan as well as determined to impose a particular kind of European unity and enjoys evenings out at shows that have humanity descending into violent chaos as well as the destruction of the gods, then Brexit cannot come soon enough.

As for Jessica and her friends perhaps this means they should stick to the local Turkish takeaway.

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