Tuesday 15 December 2015

Sing A Song Of Sixpence

According to the media a complaint to the BBC Trust about anti Scots bias inherent in the failure of the BBC Radio Two show "Sounds of the 70's" to play classic items from the Bay City Rollers play list, has been found not proven.

The complainant said that they were the Scottish rivals to The Beatles, for me that would be quite enough, but tastes do vary and it seems that Johnnie Walker the disc jockey also has his limits.

Interesting though, where have I seen that name before?  It must have made the complainant see red, or black, or double black.  But I ask, why has the disc jockey ignored The Wurzels?  "I Am A Cider Drinker" is a wonder of its time.

Then there is Max Boyce whose classic repertoire is also ignored.  Who could not fail to be moved by this tribute to national identity?  At five minutes long you will be taken to another better world.  Once I was taken to see Max Boyce in concert by one of his fans.

I have never forgotten it.


  1. I'm pretty sure whoever complained was neither a Scot nor a music lover...

    Max Boyce. Remember this as 'a banana, here we go'

  2. I have never forgotten it.

    Boyce or the kindness of the fan?

  3. I don't recall ever meeting a Bay City Rollers fan.