Friday 18 December 2015

How To Buy Bodies

A market occurs when sellers meet buyers and exchanges take place.  The market theorists suggest that both parties can be satisfied with this and it ought to be beneficial for both if the correct strike price is agreed.

In our modern world money is usually involved, in that it eases the process so long as the substance used as money fulfils its functions.  But we have moved on.  A great deal of theoretical wealth is now money chasing money, or substitutes for money and complicated devices in lieu of money.

A consequence of all this is the "financialisation" of many things and activities to an extent that now surprises and baffles us.  Also, it may shock us.  Most are not aware of how far it has gone and that even the most basic needs are being taken over.

This way of investing has been brought to our attention by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  It is something that may be uncomfortable for those aware that the "product" or "investment opportunity" in question is beds for those in the final stage of life afflicted by a dreadful form of illness.

Given the questions that arise in what determinants might apply in the provision, managing, supervision and making of key decisions in relation to the individuals who are the "users" or "customers" or "units of account" as defined, the implications are ugly in moral and care terms.

For most people, I suspect, turning final care into just another ways and means of accounting, seeking better earnings on investment or achieving profit targets is going beyond decent humanity.

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