Monday 21 December 2015

Forward To The Past

On the wilder shores of the media there has been a finding in the "Lookalike" theme now one of the easy items for a story.  "Private Eye" which has long been doing this now goes to the lengths this week of a full page effort on Jeremy Corbyn.

But the one this is about appeals to many of the conspiracy theorists and believers in strange plots, happenings and all that if you are interested.  It is the question of the immortality of President Putin of Russia and integrated territories.

Pictures dating from decades before his birth of lookalikes allow the idea to be suggested.  It is very tempting.  But there are different kinds of immortality as readers of imaginative fiction will know.

One is a being who survives the centuries intact, but there is the other of beings who at the point of one death migrate to another birth.  There are others but this will do.  Some faiths allow many lives. 

Should President Putin be of the migratory immortality then there are many and various people in history he might have been.  One I suggest is Pope Gregory I circa 540 to 604, see Wikipedia, picture above.

It would explain a lot.

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  1. The Russians missed out on Erich Von Daniken. This is them catching up.