Wednesday 23 December 2015

Old Army Song Amended

Tomorrow will be A Christmas Story, but not for the children.

For today a memory of Christmas and Boxing Day exactly sixty years ago when I was locked behind bars at Her Majesty's Pleasure with an armed guard.

At least I had a room to myself, meals brought in, a radio and peace and quiet.  I was on command duty, one of the few sober men between the Soviet Third Shock Army and the North Sea.  I skived for my Queen and Country.

This is dedicated to the Euro Army to come and Frau Merkel's Prussian Hussars.  There are slight amendments to the original, if only for decency.  The picture above is The Good Soldier Schweik (book by Jaroslav Hasek) a role model for life.

We are the Euro Army,
No blooming use are we,
The only time you'll see us,
Is when we're on the spree.

But when we parade and run away,
We'll shout with all our might,
Per ardua ad astra,
Blow you Jack, I'm alright.

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