Thursday 3 December 2015

Flights Of Fancy

Given the turmoil in the media over Syria and what is involved in military action, there is enough comment on that covering all opinions and ideas.

There are the unintended consequences and other matters of issue.  But it distracts from the economic and financial matters impending.

This salutary reminder of history was listed by Automatic Earth today from Howmuch dot net that encapsulates the key known economic and financial crises of the last two millennia. It has easy to read definitions of type and a six minute video going fast down the ages.

These cause upheavals and struggles for power and territory, so do wars for these and other reasons and so do periods of radical technical change.

At present we have all three going on at the same time.  Our governments are consisted of people who do not understand any of it and who are unlikely to be able to control what happens when.

They may like to tell us that they are winning battles, but the truth is they have already lost the war.

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  1. One problem we seem to have is the number of people who think we must resolve these issues by going global. The most likely outcome of that is that crises will become bigger and more protracted.