Sunday, 12 August 2012

False Promises

Saw around the web two posts with a common element concerning Europe and the future.  They do not make comfortable reading for those who dislike the way the Europe project is going and how it may finish up.  One feature is that this has been in play a long time.

The first is from Peter Sutherland, listed as Chairman of Goldman Sachs International and the London School of Economics.  Also he is UN Special Representative for Migration and Special Development and in favour of large scale migration as the basis for economic growth.

The second turns up on Automatic Earth and is rather longer.  It is about the possibility of an eventual political entity called Eurotopia based on regions rather than nations and is intended to be something like the USA in theory, although in practice may well be far more centralised and dictatorial.

Essentially, the second article suggests that the New Europe might well be based on counterfeit promises and hopes that claim that all the good things in welfare and state provision of the past can be kept and improved on.  If the finances of enough nation states collapse it could happen.

This restoration of welfare rights and privileges would be done by such a New Europe and a surrender by the nation states to allow their territories to become separate regions and all those regions to be embodied in the grand empire of Eurotopia.

Except that it won’t work.  But Peter Sutherland is one of the Eurotopians who has been attempting to drive Britain (he is Irish) down that road for a long while now.  In doing so he has made some strange friends, Colonel Gaddafi for one, as well as others.  Also he remains a Goldman Sachs man to the core.

So in Eurotopia and with it a salvaged Euro who will actually holding the purse strings and dictating the policies, Goldman Sachs and their friends reunited?  Who from the UK would be prominent at the head of affairs?


  1. "Who from the UK would be prominent at the head of affairs?" Probably Tony Bliar.

  2. "There will be a few who remain critical all the way through, but I fear that the vast majority will be seduced by the counterfeit virtues of our global culture."

    From your second link and chillingly true I fear.