Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Gordon For Me

While the weather forecasters tell us what fun the next round of blistering heat will bring, forgetting those who either do not like it or are vulnerable, it may not last.

From the US National Hurricane Centre comes their latest information about Tropical Storm Gordon.  Potentially, this could become a hurricane but the chances are that it will remain a storm or just a severe depression.

Where it might strike land is still uncertain and not even Michael Fish (remember 1987?) can assure us on that point.

The chances are that it will be just a run of good weather, lots of rain and refreshing wind but for inveterate pessimists there is still hope of much worse.

It does remind me (oh not again) of an old song.

My memory of The Gordons regiment is that they were not chaps to annoy and you had to mind your manners.

But then neither were the HLI, the Seaforths and a few others.

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  1. Wish you had not recalled 1987 - still all TOO clear to me personally, though no-one actually injured thank heaven but so many dramatic incidents. Thanks for all you are putting up recently - we appreciate all of it.