Thursday, 7 June 2018

Give Us This Day

Our popup prelate, Archbishop Justintime Welby, you sing it, I'll analyse it, of Canterbury has preached that we should admire, believe and obey the EU and all its manifestations, well nearly all.

It is easy, given some of his other offerings, to think he is taking the mannekin but this is an instance where we have a clergyman who actually believes in something if not what he is paid for.

Quite what temptations have caused him to stray into the sinful and not saintly world of trade, commerce  and finance I do not know.

Keeping all those ancient piles and also the pension fund of the C of E does entail getting close to sin and investment portfolios. Perhaps he is on a percentage from the money changers.

If a time traveller took him back to Portland Bill in 1588 he would supplant Archbishop John Whitgift to pray and urge for the Armada of King Philip II of Spain to land its troops, rid us of that turbulent woman, Queen Elizabeth, and bring us all the benefits and wonders of the Habsburg Empire.

If it moves burn it, if it doesn't tax it.

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