Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Spreading Harmany

There has been widespread derision around the press and the web about Deputy Leader of the Opposition Harriet Harman's plan for a pink battle bus to travel from benefits estate to benefits estate to get all those single mums and other diverse females on side for the Labour Party.

Will this from Youtube be the call if not to arms then to leg it to the polling booth to put her back in power?  Back on 30th July 2012 in "Harriet's Little Secret" I pointed out that her family were long standing members of our ruling class.  Who could possibly fail to follow her lead with a rousing tune like this?

In the spirit of this ditty which is a call to arms perhaps this might be the right response to distance them from Harriet as quickly as possible if so minded.  It comes from a time when Britain was but a word for an Atlantic Isles at odds with itself and well as the rest of Europe.  This is where she and her friends are going.

The way this election campaign is being fought on all sides endorses my worst fears about the lunacy of setting fixed terms between General Elections.

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