Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pouring Oil On Trouble

The link below appeared recently in Naked Capitalism on 2nd July.  It suggests that all the cheery information we have been getting on all that fuel for the future may not be as soundly based as many would like to think.  As ever there are some technical problems which the optimists feel are not major issues.

It is a longish piece but worth reading if you are interested in these matters.

The proposition is that to move these tar sands requires them to be turned into a chemical slurry, heated to a high level and then pumped long distances under high pressure.

If this type of movement is proposed for the UK it will be only days before either the government or Boris Johnson come up with the idea to put such pipelines along the HST2 to beef up the economic case for the project.

Perhaps the main storage areas, if the stuff makes it through the pipelines, might be included in the proposed new hub airport to be used as aviation fuel for updated versions of the Airbus and the Dreamliner.

It should all go with a bang.

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