Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Have You Seen This Man?


Barney O'Blimey, head of the notorious DC Dinosaurs gang, is still at large and active.  This gang is linked to a number of major mobs who are robbing the American and foreign citizens of as much as possible.  Prominent are the Goldie Sucks gang, the Jay Piz Morgan mortgage fraudsters, the Shizzygroup Mob and the bungster bangsters from New York, including Bankam Hard and linked crooks on Wall St.

All these have connections across the world especially in Europe.  In Germany they are closely linked to the Murky Scheisendreck mob based in Berlin, the Belgian Rumpy Pumpy gang devoted to a Robin Hood scam where wealth is taken from the poor to give to the rich.  In France their subordinate gang, the Franky Hole In The Hand groups are engaged in money laundering on a large scale.

Worst are the Camborne City mob based in London, the world's major centre for moving and holding criminal money.  Other international gangs are the Gee Gee Twenties, engaged in race fixing among other deal making and similar name contact group gangs, one secretive one with influence being the Builder Burgers which specialises in making money disappear from sight.

If allowed to go free Barney and his confederates will strip people of their cash and all their savings and pensions, leave them with mortgages or other debts they will never be able to pay off, conduct gang wars for territory and commodity rights, and sluice all money and resources into the hands of the very few.

They have already bought their way into positions of power in their communities and unless arrested and removed from the streets they will ruin the lives of many, perhaps almost all.   If seen on the streets avoid at all costs, lock your car doors and hide your cash.

Experts have profiled the means of identifying him and his associates. 

It is called "Follow The Money".

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