Saturday 27 December 2014

Start All Over Again

For some little time now I have wondered about how far quantum physics and theoretical economics are apart or intermingled.  One reason was that the "uncertainty principle" certainly applied to economics and therefore financial markets.

It did seem to explain all the ups and downs, booms and busts, inexplicable successes and failures and all that if you were able to work out just how.

Now it is time to start again because it is claimed that quantum physics is a lot easier than it was thought to be.  So if wave particle duality is at the heart of one can it be at the heart of the other?  And how does it work in fields that appear to be splintered and in opposition?

This could take a long time to work out, first there is what entropic uncertainty relations are in this new set up.  So when political canvassers call ask them what their party position is on this subject in terms of policy on financial regulation.

You might just start something.

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  1. The other similarity with wave particle duality is that you can't be sure where a particle is until it crashes into something real.