Thursday 4 December 2014

Not So Glad Tidings

If there is one comforting thing about the web it is that there is never any shortage of bad news, grim tidings, I told you so stories and predictions of dire and disastrous events.

Money matters loom large in these issues and Zero Hedge has a fun item today on the London Property Market.  This piece claims that the bubble is about to break and will be very bad news for all concerned.

This market is the source of many conflicting opinions and ideas about the future because of its complexity.  This is compounded by the "footprint" of London being global in very many ways and that it is a money centre of the world.

As the Government has to be seen to be in charge it then has become deeply involved.  The theory is that it ought to keep things going and "create" wealth for all those involved.  The snag is that where there are winners somewhere along the line will be the losers.

With the market being rigged, manipulated and boosted for so long since the last crash, it is not clear what is happening.  This leaves a great deal of scope for unintended consequences, black swans and other perverse effects.

Anything can happen and probably will.  Perhaps the one certainty is that what the government says today will prove to be very wrong tomorrow.  The Autumn Statement has only added to the confusion.  It could just lead to over cooking what is already a burnt turkey.

Take a refreshing shower to relax may be the best way to deal with it all.

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  1. "The snag is that where there are winners somewhere along the line will be the losers."

    We learned that playing "Monopoly" at Christmas. I wonder if our leaders have ever played it?